Responsibility and respect when handling meat

It’s only with healthy animals, stress-free husbandry and natural feed that we can produce tasty premium meat which satisfies the very highest culinary standards.

Animals have to be killed if meat is to be produced. This may sound grotesque, but this process requires a great deal of respect.

Respect for life, nature and animals. Our enterprise firmly believes in this outlook. Sustainability and responsibility are at the core of everything we do, because responsibility can be tasted. In excellent meat.


Care period and acclimatisation

Unlike those of other meat producers, our animals have fresh green pasture and spacious stables. This gives them more room to move around than usual and allows them to relax. They receive enough time to settle in and acclimatise on our premises.

Species-specific husbandry and feeding also improve the quality of the meat the animals later produce a great deal. Meat flavour and texture are extremely delicate parameters which we’re able to have a positive effect on by adhering to these principles carefully. This really sets our meat apart from that of competitors.